Dining Plan: Magic Kingdom Edition

What would you need to get to make the Dining Plan worth it at Magic Kingdom

Many people opt for the Dining Plan when planning their vacation because it helps them budget for their vacation, but is it worth it? We will look into the restaurants at the Magic Kingdom and see what we have to buy in order to make the Dining Plan save money. First, let’s quickly review each option for your stay at Walt Disney World!

Dining Plan Options

There are three different options when it comes to the dining plan. They are Quick Service Dining Plan, Disney Dining Plan, and Deluxe Dining Plan. Each plan can be chosen when you purchase a Magic Your Way Vacation Package which includes park tickets, hotel reservations. Prices below include tax and are per night.

Quick Service Dining Plan
Adult: $48.19 Child: $20.88
2 Quick Service Meals
2 Snack Credits
1 Refillable Mug
Disney Dining Plan
Adult: $69.35 Child: $24.95
1 Quick Service Meal
1 Table Service Meal
2 Snack Credits
1 Refillable Mug
Deluxe Dining Plan
Adult: $106.68 Child: $38.75
3 Meals (Your choice of table-service or quick-service)
2 Snack Credits
1 Refillable Mug

Let’s look at the Quick Service Dining Plan first!

Quick Service Dining Plan

Here goes!

Nevermind, don’t do it.

To get your (close to) money’s worth you basically have to limit yourself to one restaurant, Be Our Guest, and that’s if you use your two meal credits during breakfast and lunch. The most expensive meal I could find was at Be Our Guest at a total cost of $24.00 for breakfast and $16.99 for lunch. So, the breakdown is like this:

  • $25.56 Be Our Guest (Breakfast)
  • $18.09 Lunch
  • $10.98 Snacks (x2)
  • $54.63 Total

I dunno, I guess if you love Be Our Guest and want to pay for your own dinner, or use your snacks as dinner you should do it! The only way a Quick Service day at the Magic Kingdom works is if you do breakfast at Be Our Guest between 8 am and 10 am. After breakfast, the Kingdom is your oyster, almost. You can definitely get your money’s worth at the Magic Kingdom, but you really limit yourself on options. For example, I present our usual dining options at MK:

  • $12.29 Casey’s Corner (Foot-Long Barbecue Slaw Dog)
  • $11.99 Pecos Bill’s (Beef Nachos)
  • $5.29 Aloha Isle (Dole Whip Float)
  • $3.69 Fountain Beverage (Large)
  • $35.42 Total

Can the Quick Service Dining Plan be worth it at the Magic Kingdom? Yes. But, you absolutely have to start with breakfast at Be Our Guest and if you are like me you are running straight to Starbucks to get a coffee rather than going to Be Our Guest to get a $24 breakfast.

Disney Dining Plan

Ok, we have some more wiggle room here, more chances to spend more money. Buying this dining plan is an extra $20.99, but you get 1 table service meal and 1 quick service meal along with 2 snacks. Let’s see what we can do.

  • $44.73 Crystal Palace, Dinner
  • $25.56 Be Our Guest, Breakfast
  • $ 10.98 Aloha Isle (Dole Whip Float x2)
  • $81.27 Total

Holy cow, we did it on the first try! It is honestly easier to make the Disney Dining plan worth your while, but you are still limiting your options if you choose this dining plan. Take, for example, what we usually choose when we dine at the Magic Kingdom.

  • $34.08 Be Our Guest (Dinner)
  • $12.29 Casey’s Corner (Foot-Long Barbecue Slaw Dog)
  • $4.79 Adventureland (Cheeseburger Spring Roll)
  • $5.64 Aloha Isle (Dole Whip Float)
  • 56.80 Total

So again our normal habits put us a little over $10 under the cost of the dining plan. It is a little easier to make the Disney Dining Plan worth it than it is the Quick Service Dining Plan, but you still have to limit your options in order to get at or above the $67.33 price tag.

Deluxe Dining Plan

Here’s the big one! If you’re adding this dining plan you probably aren’t worried about money. At $103.57 it ain’t cheap, but boy do you have flexibility. Three meals any way you want them, maybe. I’m going all out on this one, see below.

  • $79.88 Cinderella’s Royal Table (Dinner, 2 credits)
  • $29.82 Skipper Canteen (Lunch)
  • $5.64 Sunshine Tree Terrace (Dole Whip Float)
  • $4.26 New Fantasyland Cart (Popcorn!)
  • $119.60 Total

Definitely doable this round. Drop Cinderella’s Royal Table and replace it with Crystal Palace the total drops to $114.45 when adding Be Our Guest to the list. Anything less than a table service you’ve lost so don’t bother. Honestly, if you have the cash for this you aren’t worried about money or budgeting. I’m not even going to try cause I can’t compete. I don’t have the money. See my example from the Disney Dining Plan and place it here!

So, is it worth it?

I guess that’s a question you have to ask yourself.

Can you make each dining plan worth it in the Magic Kingdom? Yes.

Purchasing the dining plan helps you know exactly what you are spending on food each day, making it easier to budget. It comes with a trade-off, though If you want to save money or break even you aren’t only limiting your options at each restaurant, you are also limiting the restaurants you can go to. And as you can see in my examples above we would be losing money with each plan. My suggestion is to do your own daily food budget and tailor it to your wants and needs. Unless, of course, you happen to be going when Disney is offering free dining plans with the Magic Your Way packages, but those don’t happen so often.


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