Disney Coke: Magic In a Cup!

We all know Coke is good, Coke is tasty, but have you ever had a Disney coke? For those who haven’t and for those who don’t know.

A Disney Coke is better than any Coke you have had or will ever have!

Casey’s Corner By Loren Javier

Imagine that your outside of Casey’s Corner on a warm spring afternoon as the sun is just starting to set. We just set down with our Barbecue Slaw Dog and Mac & Cheese Dog, both with fries of course! There next to the hot dogs and fries is our giant cup of Coke from a restaurant hosted by Coca-Cola; it’s been a long day of visiting the many attractions The Kingdom has to offer. A slight breeze blows across the table prompting you to tuck the napkins under the basket that’s holding your hot dog and then you reach for it. Finally, you grab the cup and take a sip, closing your eyes for a second. You just had the most refreshing sip of Coke you could have.

Why is that? Is it because it’s a warm Florida day? Is it because you just got done cramming in as many attractions as possible, avoiding lunch as to not miss anything? Or is it because Disney has found the exact carbonation-to-syrup ratio that makes the Coke taste so delightful thus creating Disney Coke?

I, for one, believe it is a combination of both. Probably 90% right combination and 10% atmosphere. In my mind, Disney paid quite a few people to try different combinations of Coca-Cola to come up wth the best combination to delight it’s guests. Is that true? Who knows, but I accept that as the answer.  They have found the perfect combination and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else. One of the “must do’s” anytime we visit Walt Disney World is enjoying a Disney Coke.

So, the next time you’re in Disney World have a Disney Coke and try to think of a time you had a coke and it was better than the one you are drinking in the parks. After that, run over to Club Cool in Epcot and try, what might be, some of the most disgusting sodas you have ever had.


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