Disney gives the Walt Disney Birthplace Project $250,000!

If you haven’t heard yet, it was announced today at the annual shareholder meeting that the Walt Disney Company would donate $250,000 to the Walt Disney Birthplace project! This project is working on restoring the original home built by Walt’s parents. His mom Flora did the designing, while his dad, Elias, built the house himself. Walt only spent very few years at this house, but it was his birthplace and arguably its the most important building in Disney history.

Of all the news that came out from the shareholder meeting this, to me, is by far the most exciting. This is a company that appreciates its history and the man who started it all. It is important to note that Disney does not own this house. The house is owned by another group who took the opportunity to buy it and preserve Disney history. The company doesn’t stand to receive any profit from this. In my eyes, they did something for the fans of Walt Disney and I love it!

If you are curious about the Walt Disney Birthplace project in Chicago, please go over to http://www.thewaltdisneybirthplace.org/ and watch the videos and read the stories about the great work they are doing over there. Consider donating to this project yourself so we can all help preserve Disney history!

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