Princess Parking

Pay more for Princess Parking?(Disney is testing it)

For those of you who are not sure what Princess Parking is, it’s my brothers definition for any parking spot that is in an immediate area of your destination. For example, the front spot at your favorite grocery store, the spot that when you find it you rejoice. Well, Disney has decided to see if they could monetize this coveted spot everyone dreams of, but few get. Starting tomorrow, March 15th, those visiting Epcot and Disney(also known as Magic Kingdom) will be testing whether or not guests will be willing to pay for these spots.

Tomorrow you can pay an additional $15 at these two locations to to get close to the action. This is in addition to the $20 parking charge already, which means you will be paying $35 for your Princess Parking. Honestly I have a feeling this one is sticking around especially after the first few days into a families trip. Being close to the gates after a long, hot day $15 becomes very cheap.

Let’s not forget that there has been premium parking at the parks in past years in the way of AAA’s Diamond Parking. Which, coincidentally ended in January of 2015. Sounds like Disney has been planning this for awhile! I should also mention that we don’t know what the prices will be for people who are resort guests or have annual passes.


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