BREAKING NEWS: Walt Disney World Raises Ticket Prices and Annual Passes

It’s a scary time a year for us Walt Disney World Goers! Ticket prices and Annual Passes have gone up once again! This happens every year around this time so if you are planning for next year plan on buying before February of next year to save money.

One-Day Tickets

Now you can find a one-day ticket to Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom during the cheap season(smaller crowds) for $99 which is up from $97 last year. During the somewhat busier time, one-day ticket prices will start at $107, up from the $102 it would have cost you last year. Finally, during the busiest season, you can expect to pay $5 more than last year putting the ticket price at $119.

The Magic Kingdom is in a league of its own for one-day ticket prices. The cheap days at Magic Kingdom will be $107 which is only a $2 increase. The somewhat busier time is jumping $5 to $115. Surprising, the busiest season will stay firm at $124.

Annual Passes

Annual passes aren’t immune to price increases either. The Silver Pass is now $419. The Gold Pass is $559 and the Platinum Pass has made it up to $679. This represents an increase between $10 to $30 for each Pass.


Preferred parking has increased from $35 to $40

No more Water Park Fun and More option when buying tickets

All tickets now have an expiration date, but you can exchange expired tickets toward new ones of equal or greater value.

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