FastPass+ changes make it easier for guests to plan their day!

Over the weekend, Disney changed the FastPass+ options to give guests better flexibility in planning their day. Originally when you reserved your FastPasses using the My Disney Experience app or the planning website you had to choose three FastPasses at once and it had to be on a schedule that was given to you.

Now, when reserving your FastPasses you can choose the time window you want and the attraction you want! Even better, you do not have to choose all three FastPasses at the same time, you can choose any number you want up to three. You want one FastPass, go for it! Just two? Why not! It’s honestly weird that it took this long for them to give you the option to choose. One of the biggest reasons people didn’t like the new system.

Also, in the old system after all three of your FastPasses were used up you had to go to a kiosk to see if you could schedule another one. With the new changes, you can go straight to the app to see what is available for another FastPass rather than having to run to a kiosk to find another attraction. Another huge change is being able to park hop with your FastPasses. Before the change, all FastPass selections had to be in the same park. Not anymore!

Be sure to schedule the FastPasses for the attractions you really want as soon as you’re able as they could be taken before you ever get the chance. If you are staying at a Disney resort you can schedule up to 60 days in advance, with park tickets only, 3 days in advance.

To recap the FastPass+ changes:

  • Choose¬†up to 3 FastPasses at once. You can choose just one or two at once.
  • Choose the time you want. Before it was a selection of times Disney gave you
  • Choose the attraction you want. Before, you had to choose a group of three and hope all three were the ones you wanted
  • After all three FastPasses are used up, go straight to the app to find another. Before, you had to go to a kiosk
  • Park hop with your FastPasses. Before, you had to stick one park.

Welcome changes! Can’t wait to utilize them!

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