Golden Oak: Your chance to live in Walt Disney World

I know most of us would be perfectly pleased to get a chance to live in Walt Disney World, but they have only ever given us the chance to visit for a few days or maybe a little longer if we are lucky. But now we all have our chance to actually live on Disney property. There are just some barriers to entry, no big deal. Let’s look at the new Golden Oak community.

Some History on the Name

One thing to remember is that Disney doesn’t uually pull a name out of thin air. The names they choose usually have history or meaning behind them and so it is with this one.

In 1959 Walt Disney bought land in the Rancho San Francisco land grant named after Francisco Lopez, the man who first discovered gold in California on his ranch while pulling onions under an oak tree. Walt bought 315 acres of this land to film the exterior scenes for his movies and tv shows and named it the Golden Oak Ranch. Scenes from the Mickey Mouse Club, Toby Tyler, Pete’s Dragon, Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons and much more were filmed here. Golden Oak Ranch is now one of the few surviving movie studio ranches around and is now open to other movie studios to use.

Golden Oak Ranch

Ok, let’s get into the good stuff. The Golden Oak community consists of five neighborhoods and a Four Seasons Resort. The five neighborhoods are:

  • Marceline – Named after Walt’s childhood hometown, houses in this neighborhood range between 3,100 and 6,000 square feet.

    A sense of respite pervades the lovely setting of Marceline. Pleasing views of water, greenscapes and natural preserves abound, complemented by two lovely parks. Southernmost is Charming Park, which features enchanting sculptures of the classic Disney movie characters, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

  • Kingswell – Named for Walt and Roy’s first real studio location, houses in this neighborhood range from 5,000 to 7,000 square feet.

    Graceful oaks will border the streets of Kingswell and its estate-sized homesites, some with desirable water views. A planned highlight of this neighborhood will be an inviting community park.

  • Carolwood – Named for Walt’s backyard railroad, houses in this neighborhood range from 6,500 to 12,000 square feet.

    Offering a scenic and private setting, the lovely Carolwood neighborhood is surrounded by natural preserves and enhanced by lush landscapes and native plantings. Resting at the end of a winding road is the secluded, northernmost enclave of Carolwood Reserve—a limited collection of premium homesites with serene natural, golf course or water views.

  • Silverbrook – Likely named for Walt and Roy’s second studio location Silver Lake, houses in this neighborhood range from 5,000 to 7,000 square feet.

    Beyond the bridge into Silverbrook, your family can retreat to the serenity of conservation areas or water features—yet just a stroll away are community amenities and activities at Summerhouse.

  • Kimball Trace – Named after Ward Kimball, one of Walt’s famed animators, houses in this neighborhood range from 3,000 to 5,000 square feet.

    A charming Tuscan-inspired village, this intimate collection of creatively designed courtyard homes is nestled amid lush landscaping. Homes are sited with an emphasis on privacy, while its central location places Kimball Trace within neighborly reach of Summerhouse.

Prices for these beautiful houses start at about $2 million and go on up from there. Go here to see the available houses and floor plans and check out the beautiful photos from below.

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The Benefits

Owners get a VIP park pass that allows them and up to four guests into the parks and it has no blackout dates and includes Extra Magic Hours along with free package delivery from the parks. This pass also includes free parking and access to door-to-parks transportation if you so choose. This perk is free for the first three years of home ownership and then there is an undisclosed price after that.

The Summerhouse is the private clubhouse for Golden Oak residents. Here you can enjoy a private dining area with a lounge, a heated pool, a fitness area, a family room and gaming area along with a state of the art teleconference center. The staff at the Summerhouse will also assist you with transportation, special event tickets, reservations and more. You will be required to be part of the club if you are a resident, so get ready to add about $5,000 a year, but hey that does include landscaping at your house. Don’t worry about mowing!

Ready to move in? Let’s go!

So, I watched an interview of a resident who bought a house in Golden Oak for his family as a vacation home for when they came down to Disney World. He said they loved it so much that they are building right across the street to make it their permanent residence.  Apparently, the first house was too small, must have been one of those 3,000 square foot ones. Good news is that means there are some on the resale market, so lets all pitch in and buy one for our vacation home! I’m willing to share if you are!

Check out a small tour of one of the houses by BigFatPanda below and let me know if you wanna pitch in for one.

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