Hollywood Studios closures drastically change map

Hollywood Studios has gotten a lot smaller after yesterday with many permanent closures near the back of the park to make way for the new Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land. The closures are as follows:

  • All of Streets of America
  • High Octane Refreshments
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure
  • Lights, Motors, Action!
  • Meet and Greet: Mike and Sulley at Street of America
  • New York News
  • Prop Shop
  • Studio Catering Co.
  • Watto’s Grotto closed
  • Youse Guys Moychindise

Before all of these closings, Backlot Tour closed in fall of 2014 to give us a current map that looks like this.

New map

First, let me say that Disney moved very quick in getting a whole forrest put in place where there was once a bunch of buildings and attractions. If you don’t remember what the map looked like before, here is a view of it before 4/3 with a black line representing what has been put behind walls.

HWS comparison

As you can tell a large chunk of land has been closed to make way for the new lands that will be coming. The park will definitely have a differnt feel for those who have been in the past, forcing you to pay attention to areas you might not have before. It is unfortunate for those who never got to see those areas before the closer and I would say they missed out on seeing some very cool things. Streets of America being the biggest one along with gems like Youse Guys and Mr. Goulds Pawn Shop.

The question now is, is it worth going to Hollywood Studios? Would you pay the 100-plus dollars to visit the park? If you ask me, I’d go if I had a park hopper and were going to be in the world for multiple days. One of our favorite lounges is there so we would have to stop in and grab a drink!

Should people who have never been go? Definitely!

Now comes the long and excruciating wait for everything to be demolished and the new lands to be erected. Excited to see the progress though.

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