When Marketing and Unforgettable Stories Collide

As a part of Disney’s “Unforgettable” marketing campaign they have created videos called “Unforgettable Stories,” pulling from stories of families who have been to the parks in recent years and turning them into advertisements for their new marketing campaign. I know its an advertisement, I know Disney is trying to sell me on coming to the parks, but if you watch the video above its hard not to be sucked in and forget its a commercial. It’s selling through story telling.

The difference is these aren’t actors trying to convince you to come to a park because the company paid them to act out a great story. This is a real family that had a real experience on a vacation. Sure they might of retold the story so it could be professionally and I know it might be hard for people who have never been to the parks to believe these stories, because I know its hard to believe anything that comes from a company isn’t anything but stretching the truth. But I can tell you that these stories are true.  I have witnessed these stories, and I have been lucky enough to be a part of stories like this.. Sure, Disney is trying to sell you on coming to their parks, but they are doing it with true stories with real families.

Disney is great, not because of its attractions, it’s food or it’s buildings, but because of its Cast Members. The Cast Members are what make Disney World and Disneyland unforgettable life changing places. Most Cast Members are sold on Walt Disney and what he stood for and what he wanted this company to be. They want to make all our visits truly magical and we should never forget that it is the Cast Members who do that. Not because they want to make the company money, but because they want to help you forget about your troubles for at least a few moments, and if you aren’t a kid, to give you permission to become a kid again and help you get there.

Remember that stories like this happen everyday we just don’t hear about most of them.



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