PDD: Post Disney Depression

For some reason, the video you see above these words is soothing to me. Parents hiding from the sun during the heat of a Florida summer. The kids distracted from the same heat because they are fascinated by the water jumping from one pad to the next. I am filming this video, also distracted by the heat, fascinated by the fountains even though I am much older.

This video is nothing to most people and definitely isn’t analyzed consciously like I have, but it takes me back to a feeling of joy being with my wife and her family. It’s the same spot that has brought my wife and I more joy than either of us could have expected to find in a place. This video was taken back in July, and I am finally watching it for the first time five months later. I’m writing my first blog post after our vacation for one reason.

Post Disney Depression (PDD)

It’s strange that I am writing about this and probably sounds weird to most people reading, but I know some of you will understand what I mean. Our last visit to Disney World was in July, and I went radio silent after we got back home. I didn’t want to talk or think about Disney. I would avoid anything that had to do with it. Our pictures and videos from the last vacation still sit dormant on my phone, besides uploading the one in this article.  It’s now February, and I am finally starting to get back into the swing of things. Listening to the music again, reading articles, listening to podcasts and updating this blog.

I have been called “emotionless” by more than one person, so for me to mention any sort of sadness might be considered pretty big news. How does this happen? How has Disney sucked the wife and I (especially me) in so much that we will go months without talking about it to avoid the feeling of despair and sadness. Disney has been a place of big moments for us. Our first vacation without family was there. Shortly after, it was the first time we lived in the same place during college after about 3 years of being 800 miles apart. In that same time, we were engaged during the finale of Wishes. Our first vacation as a married couple was at Disney in the way of our honeymoon. Our nephew’s first vacation was to Disney World when a few months prior we weren’t even sure he would make it to his first birthday.

As you can see we have had quite a few important and joyous moments at the Walt Disney World Resort. We could have had those moments in other places, but we always choose Disney World. It is a place for celebration and a place to go when you want to forget the real world for awhile. It is a place where the employees will treat you like family and friends. Adults are allowed to become kids again if they let themselves, and kids can explore their imaginations and get lost in the worlds they have witnessed in the movies. People are friendlier, more like friends you haven’t met yet, rather than strangers. People share your special moments and go out of their way to acknowledge them.

I haven’t even mentioned the beautiful scenery, sounds or smells. Imagineers work hard to recreate beautiful settings and transform us into a different world. Helping us forget that right outside Disney property is the real world. Background music flows out of speakers to further immerse you in the story or land you are currently walking through. The smells of the bakery as you walk down Main Street or the kiosks during Food and Wine that draw you in to try something you haven’t heard of before. Let’s not forget the smell of the water in many of our favorite attractions that even if you catch a whiff of something that smells similar it brings you right back to Pirates of the Caribbean or It’s a Small World. I could go on, but I’d rather not bore anyone.

In Walt Disney World we find a vision of a better world. A partial demonstration of Walt’s dream for Epcot. Disney World has become home for us and we can only visit it a few times a year if we are lucky. This is how you get Post Disney Depression and it isn’t pleasant.



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