Rivers of Light looks Spectacular!

And I’m not just saying that. One thing I will try to do on this blog is avoid the overuse of word like spectacular, awesome, amazing and other words like that that people over use in day to day conversation. Effectively lessening the impact of the word. So, when I say it looks spectacular I mean it in the true sense of Webster’s definition:  causing wonder and admiration : very impressive. Except the end, “very impressive” seems less than spectacular in my eyes. So, check out the teaser videos of Rivers of Light below and lets talk about it.

Oh, and this one.


The great thing about these videos is that they not only give you a glimpse of the new show coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom (DAK), but they help give us an idea of the story the Imagineers are trying to tell in this show. Here’s a little blurb from Disney’s blog,

[su_quote cite=”Disney Blog” url=”https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2016/03/first-look-rivers-of-light-to-debut-april-22-at-disneys-animal-kingdom/” class=”Quote”]The show, set on Discovery River in the Asia section of the park, will depict an ancient lantern festival guided by two storytellers who call forth four animal Spirit Guides: an Asian Tiger, Tropical Turtle, African Elephant and Great Horned Owl. These Spirit Guides return at different points during the show to lead the audience through their journey through the Rivers of Light.[/su_quote]

Animal Kingdom does a very good job at telling a story about animals, giving you edutainment, that is to say, providing an education while entertaining you. Something schools could learn from if you ask me! Anyway, there is something that I think Animal Kingdom hasn’t really done, and that is to pull at your emotional heartstrings to make you think differently. From the few minutes and glimpses we get to see of the progression of the show, it looks like it is going to be a show that makes you think more deeply not only of the animal world, but our own world and how we interact with it. This is something that Disney seems to do oh so well when they want to and I think this show will nail it.

The floats themselves look great. Even if they were just statues in the water at night I would be impressed and I bet they would be a popular attraction. The fact that they are part of a show makes it even more exciting!

Animal Kingdom is the only park in Walt Disney World that never had a nighttime show and for a very good reason, it closes so dang early, 6:30pm today. It already closed for the day when I started writing this. That all changes April 22nd when it debuts. I wish I could be there on the first night and can’t wait to see it when we are down there next!

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