RUMOR: Epcot Might Get Two New Countries in World Showcase!

A “Coming Soon” country on opening day in 1982 may finally be coming to Epcot! Rumor has it that Spain, which was announced as a coming pavilion in the World Showcase in 1982, will finally be getting its place in Epcot. The strength of this one is based on the new movie, Gigantic, which is set in Spain and is predicted to be a huge hit. So, we may get a new country because of a movie, expect there to be a pretty strong presence of that movie in the pavilion. Obviously, not much detail is known about how the pavilion will look or what you can expect to see there, but more than likely there will be an attraction based on the film. Jim Hill is the guy who

The next country that seems to be gaining steam is Brazil. Orlando Weekly reports that Dusty Sage who is the Executive Director of the Walt Disney Birthplace and the Dick Van Dyke Foundation has hinted at a new South American pavilion coming to Epcot. Brazil was even rumored back in 2011 by a Brazilian newspaper. Here is an excerpt from that newspaper:

Brazil got a seat in a great international “forum”: Disney. Representatives from the greatest theme park complex in the world approached the federal government this week to announce they’ll include a Brazilian pavilion at Epcot Center, in Orlando (USA). The country will be featured alongside nations such as the US, China, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Canada.

Maybe that newspaper is finally going to be proven correct! Alleged concept art was also posted on the WDWMagic forums back in 2014. Not much else is known about what might come with the new Brazilian pavilion.

Alleged concept art of Brazil from WDWMagic Forums!

I would love to be able to visit more countries in the World Showcase so, I hope these rumors are true. But, we know what happens when we believe rumors, sometimes we are let down, so take all of this with a grain of salt until Disney officially announces it. Keep in mind that Epcot is supposed to be getting pretty big updates in the near future.

This post was prompted by an article from Orlando Weekly. New Spain and Brazil pavilions rumored for Epcot

Everyone loves a good rumor.

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