EPCOT THROWBACK: Skyleidoscope an “aerial spectacular”

If I told you Epcot used to have a daytime show in the lagoon and in the air, would you be surprised? I sure was when I first read about it. In fact, for two years in the 1980s, the World Showcase Lagoon and the air above it became a stage for what was one of the most daring shows Walt Disney World has ever seen. Before the debut of Skyleidoscope, The promotion staff at Disney described it to the Sun Sentinal like this:

The show turns ultra-light seaplanes and kits, jet skiers and speedboats, polkedol sailboats and airlifted saucers into purple-winged dragons, jet-powered sea shells, dragonfly-patrol planes and hang glider toys.

The show had more 70 boats and flying machines! If you’ve seen the lagoon that would make for a very busy area! Walt Disney World News described the show like this:

Skyleidoscope is a fairy tale come to life. Watch Dreamfinder, the star of Kodak’s ‘Journey into Imagination,’ paint magical rainbows in the sky. Dreamfinder orchestrates more than 70 flying, swimming, and sailing vessels from his fanciful flying machine. Colorful streamers of smoke and daytime fireworks brighten the sky. Add evil dragons, heroes, and ear-catching music, and you have a crowd-pleasing, one-of-a-kind show.



The show looks like it would have been absolutely spectacular and maybe a little hard to follow! Lets have Regis Philbin give us a little sneak peak into what Skyleidoscope is all about.

And now for the full show!

The show only lasted two years, from 1985 to 1987 and from what I can tell was a very popular show. Skyleidoscope’s demise is most likely due to the death of a pilot after his ultralight airplane crashed during a practice session in August of 1987.

On a lighter note, Skyleidoscope has one of the catchiest tunes I think I’ve ever heard. “There’s No Place Like World Showcase” was written by the Sherman Brothers in 1982 for a TV special. I think I have a copy of the song somewhere if you’re interested!

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